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About The Journal (GSPR)

Global Sports Policy Review (ISSN (O): 2582-8886) is the first of its kind multidisciplinary online sports journal which combines articles addressing the overall sports curriculum and sports policy matters which revolve around trending sports-related issues of the era, starting from legal and administrative policies to all other sports-related affairs across other disciplines. This online journal is the outcome of an individual community. It is a peer-reviewed journal and is backed by a strong advisory and editorial board, together with professional business staff and independent overseers, who are responsible for carrying out day-to-day operations in the field of global sports.  We pride ourselves in accepting research articles from all divisions of scholarly society, as well as Students and Sports Enthusiasts.

Our Mission

We aim to provide 360-degree coverage of various aspects related to the Sports field. The scope is wide enough to include E-Sports and other mainstream sports. We aim to spread awareness and cultivate active interest in sports among the Student community, not in terms of just being there to physically participate on the field, but also to explore sports as a professional subject to read and carry research on. We aim to encourage people to be aware of the existing and ever-changing framework and policy, so much so that it becomes a person’s one-stop access to the latest updates and in-depth research about the Sports sector.

Abstracting and Indexing Services

Global Sports Policy Review is covered by the following abstracting/indexing services however the publisher or journal editors can not guarantee to index all published papers because the indexers are the third party:​

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