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Junior Editors

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Pruthvi-Gerben Patel

Junior Editor

Pruthvi-Gerben Patel is a legal trainee at the Gymnastic Ethic Foundation, Lausanne. He is a Master of Law student at the University of Lausanne and has previously been a legal trainee at FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber's Database.


Rushika M.

Junior Editor

Rushika M. is a penultimate year law student at St. Joseph's School of Law, Bengaluru. With a keen inclination towards sports, gaming, media, entertainment and intellectual property law. she is currently pursuing a Diploma in International Sports Law and certificate courses in Media and Entertainment laws with Enhelion Knowledge Ventures. 

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Ryan James

Junior Editor

Ryan is a Law student from the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore. He is a die-hard sports Enthusiast and is also part of his college Basketball and athletics team. He is working towards becoming a Sports Lawyer and is always curious to learn more.


Aakash Batra

Junior Editor

Aakash Batra is a student of law at Symbiosis Law School, Pune. He has played professional football and has transformed this passion into Sports Law and Policy Review Reporter, as a co-founder and editor.


Ria Mishra

Junior Editor

Ria Mishra is a student of law at Symbiosis Law School Pune. A sportsperson herself, she  is also the co-founder and editor of Sports Law and Policy Review Reporter.


Archit Uniyal

Junior Editor

Archit is a penultimate year BBA LLB student at OP Jindal Global University with a deep interest and aim to build a career in sports law. Being an ardent cricket fan since childhood and a National Tennis Player in his school days is the reason which led to him to develop an interest towards sports law. As Sports law also overlaps substantially with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), he is also keen to indulge more in understanding and learning about IPR.


Anshul Ramesh

Junior Editor

Anshul is a fourth-year law student pursuing B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) Degree at Jindal Global Law School, India. He has an avid interest in sports law, corporate law and competition law. He has written multiple articles in the sports law realm. 

He particularly enjoys watching football, cricket and Formula 1. He is also a die-hard FC Bayern Munich supporter.

Associate Editorial Committee


Sathyanarayanan Iyer

Editing and Drafting Team

Sathyanarayanan Iyer is currently practising as an Advocate in Tamil Nadu. He holds an LLM in Sports Law from Nottingham Trent University. His areas of interest include match-fixing and anti-doping laws. Other than that, he is a complete cricket freak.


Archit Vyas

Editing and Drafting Team

Archit Vyas is a penultimate year law student from Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar (2018-2023). Being an athlete and has represented the university and school teams across various basketball and football tournaments has made him inclined towards sports. This avid interest in sports has pushed me to explore the field of sports law academically. 

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Samarth Sansar

Editing and Drafting Team

Samarth is currently a 4th year B.A. LL.B. student at National University of Juridical Sciences. He is a sports enthusiast and has a keen interest in the intersection of law and policy. He has been associated with NUJS Centre for Sports Law and Policy for over two years as Research Associate. He has also undertaken a research assistantship under Prof. (Dr) Lovely Dasgupta on the issue of Doping in Non-Olympic games. He is also interested in disputes resolution particularly in Arbitration as well as Insolvency matters. 


Rohit Devnani

Editing and Drafting Team

Rohit is an undergraduate B.B.A.LL.B student and also former cricket player at CBCA (Gujarat Cricket Association) and Western Railways cricket team. Being engaged in the field of sports and law, he finds his keen interest in the field of Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law and certain areas of sports management. He has also been associated with an institutional sports centre as a member for research, public relations and finance. 


Arnav Joshi 

Editing and Drafting Team

Arnav Joshi is a fourth-year law student. He has previously worked as a research intern at Centre for Sports Law, Business and Governance at Jindal Global Law School. Arnav is an ardent football fanatic and an F1 fan. His academic interest lies in sports law and intellectual property law.


Nishant Raina

Editing and Drafting Team

Nishant is a penultimate year student at Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur. He is specifically interested in the interaction between different fields of knowledge and has over 10 Certificates in various subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy, Politics, Public Policy, Law, Environment, Economics etc. He is an Athlete and has won medals at District, State and National Level Athletic Events. Apart from being an integral part and representing his College Football Team since his first year, Nishant also played for District Cricket Academy, Gautam Budh Nagar during school years.


Samriddhi Jha

Editing and Drafting Team

Samriddhi Jha is a second-year student, studying BBA LLB (Hons.) at Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. Samriddhi has keen interest in legal research and writing and she has presented several papers in different universities across India. She has also worked in the Team of Editors in the first ever Research and Advocacy booklet of Antahakarana group and is currently working on a research project conducted by Maharashtra NLU. 


Ilamparithi D K 

Editing and Drafting Team

Ilamparithi DK is a 4th-year law student from the School of Law, Christ Deemed to be University. He is a die-hard sports fan and has a very keen interest in sports law, Intellectual property law, Contract law and Legal research. I have written research papers on sports law and currently pursuing a diploma in sports law from Krida legal in partnership with Enhelion learning ventures. I am a former National level swimmer and a state-level football player which is what spurred my interest in sports law. 


Priyanka Ray

Editing and Drafting Team

Priyanka is a third-year BBA LL.B student at Jindal Global Law School with a keen interest in dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, media law, and sports law. She is a former national-level swimmer who is passionate about sports and committed to gender equality in sports.


Deokinandan Sharma

Editing and Drafting Team

Deokinandan is a third-year law student at O P Jindal Global University, whose main interests lie in the intricacies of Sports Law. Apart from Sports Law, his interests lie in Maritime Law and Aerospace & Defence Law. He is also a team member at Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) programme which believes in empowering communities by increasing diversity in legal education.

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Editing and Drafting Team

Isabel Liao is a Chinese-Indian student-athlete at the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore. Having represented her school, club, state, and now university, at several state and national-level basketball tournaments, she has developed an acute sense for detail and a fervour to learn more about the realm of sports and its interface with the many tenets that govern its socio-legal aspects. At her time in GSPR, she hopes to be able to interact with other athletes and sports enthusiasts, and further the initiative of representation within the sports industry, as well as expand diversity and inclusion through sports in India.


Smartaz Majumder

Editing and Drafting Team

Smartaz Majumder is a B.A.LL.B. student and an ardent sports enthusiast. He has a keen interest in Sports Law. He has bagged medals in multiple national Olympiads.


Rohan Mathew Therattil

Editing and Drafting Team

Rohan is a first-year law student studying at the School of Law Christ University and is an avid football and further sports enthusiast. His love for sports and desire to know the law has led him to develop a keen interest in the field of sports law.


Athul Vergis Cherian

Editing and Drafting Team

Athul is a first-year student at the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a BBA LLB(Hons). He is a football player and is interested in golfing too. This passion of his has led him into the emerging fields of sports law.

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Yashas TR

Editing and Drafting Team

Yashas is a second-year law student at the Jindal Global Law School. His areas of research and liking include Comparative Constitutional Law, Alternate Dispute Resolution,  Post Colonial Conflict Theory, Sports Law & the intersection of law with technology & gender. In addition to this, his interests include debating, playing the mridangam and making the perfect sandwich.


Shivam  Salunke

Editing and Drafting Team

Shivam Salunke is a second-year sports management student at IISM Mumbai and has a keen interest in nutrition, especially sports nutrition. He has also completed courses in Nutrition as well and plans to be a Sports & Performance Enthusiast in the future. He enjoys a variety of sports ranging from football to table tennis.  

Khushi Agarwal- Photograph_edited.jpg

Khushi Agarwal

Editing and Drafting Team

Khushi Agarwal is an undergraduate B.A.LL.B student at ILS Law College, Pune. As a national level football player, she has a keen interest in understanding the judicial process of this country, particularly within the realms of Sports Law, Antitrust Law and Constitutional Law. She is a core committee member of the Sports Law Cell at her institution, an avid mooter and is constantly engaged in contributing to legal scholarship in various editorial capacities.

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Rakshit Sharma

Editing and Drafting Team

Rakshit Sharma is a Chat Associate with TTEC. Being an engineering graduate from Hasmukh Goswami College of Engineering, he is a  sports enthusiast and a sports lover who is trying to make his passion for sports and dream of working in a sports industry a reality. 


Prabal Srivastava

Editing and Drafting Team

Prabal is a penultimate year BA LLB student. Since childhood, he has not been a stranger to sports and has played cricket and football professionally.  In time, he naturally gravitated towards sports law and has a keen research interest in the same.

Souhardya Biswas _ Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri Law College, Kolkata.jpg

Souhardya Biswas

Editing and Drafting Team

Souhardya Biswas is currently pursuing BA. LLB (Hons) from the University of Calcutta. He is passionate about literature, art, team sports, racing, swimming and rock climbing.

Sidheswar Sahoo_National Law University Odisha, Cuttack.jpg

Sidheswar Sahoo

Editing and Drafting Team

Sidheswar is a penultimate year BA LLB student at National Law University Odisha. He is a sports enthusiast following cricket, football, NBA and tennis. He is highly interested in the field of Sports Law and Intellectual Property Rights.

COntent editors

Chandra Lekha

Content Editor


Chandra Lekha is a third-year BA LLB student at Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat. She has represented her school in various sports including basketball and volleyball. Over the last few years, she has been following the Grand Slams along with other tournaments hosted by the ICC and/or the BCCI. Her areas of interest include competition law, sports law, and arbitration. She is passionate about using her knack for research to help broaden her horizons and to promote gender equality in the world of sports.

Mayank Hebbar

Content Editor


Mayank Hebbar is a final year BA LLB student at OP Jindal Global University and has been selected as an incoming Masters student at ISDE, Madrid, for a Masters in International Sports Law. He has played football at the state level and the Bengaluru FC Under 21 contingent, from where his deep passion for sports has come from.